Lewis Hamilton swaps Stevenage for Switzerland

Lewis Hamilton is swapping Stevenage for Switzerland in search of a quieter life.

And just like David Coulthard and Jenson Button, who live in Monaco, Hamilton will also see his tax bill slashed.

Are you sorry to see Hamilton go? What would you do in his position?

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3 responses to “Lewis Hamilton swaps Stevenage for Switzerland

  1. jake

    Good on him taxes are low in switzerland ,we should all move there.Clean air ,clean streets low council tax,nice people low crime rate.I worked there for many years would recommend it to anyone.Well done lewis get out of this country wich is run by a bunch of overpaid morons who seem to have forgotten that we live in Britain and not some fantasy country wich is trying to please everybody and in the process is destroying itself .

    Jake from Dagenham

  2. What would Lewis possible miss about Britain? Rude, self obsessed people? Yobs mentality? Binge Drinking teenagers in the town centres?

  3. Sam Tana

    It’s understandable, but disappointing that Lewis should abandon Britain for the car-hating Switzerland. He says he can’t live a normal life here, and do things like “go to the cinema”. Here’s a tip, Lew – watch DVDs.

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