From the Reventon to the Cee’d: the Unpronounceables

Viewers of Top Gear would have witnessed the jet fighter-inspired Lamborghini Reventon on Sunday’s show.

It sparked a debate with Jeremy Clarkson claiming the ‘v’ in Reventon is pronounced as a ‘b’ – making it Re-bent-on.

After speaking to Lamborghini yesterday, we can confirm Jezza was right.

This got us thinking – there are quite a few cars with names differently to what you would normally think.

Here’s a couple:

Kia Ceed – Seed

Lamborghini Gallardo – guy-ar-do

Ford Ka – Ka, Car or Kay-ay?

And then there’s the old favourite – Porsche. I’ve witnessed some fierce debates down the pub on how you pronounce the Stuttgart-based brand.

Some people say ‘Porsh’, others the more German ‘Porsh-a’.

There are too many for us to name which is why we want your help!

If you can think of a good one leave a comment below.


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10 responses to “From the Reventon to the Cee’d: the Unpronounceables

  1. bowserusc

    and one last thing, really bad article

  2. bowserusc

    Gallardo is a spanish word, therefore you would pronounce it as if you were speaking spanish. In romance languages the ‘v’ is often pronounced with a harder sound, which is why it sounds like a ‘b’.

    When non-english speaking companies make cars, they’re not required to use english words when naming them.

  3. mild

    Lada – lah-dah
    Porsche – por-sheh

  4. Kia

    I thought “Kia Cee’d – Seed” was fairly obvious?!

  5. Jon

    What about the koenigsegg??? Cone – ig (as in pig) – segg (like peg)

  6. Jackie

    Porsche is properly pronounced “por-shuh” because it is a German family name. If you want it anglicized to “poorsh”, go ahead; but it is highly frowned upon Porsche enthusiasts.

    And the Lamborghini Reventón is properly pronounced “reh-ben-tohn” in Spanish.

    Here’s another one:
    the Lamborghini Murciélago — it is “moor-see-EH-lah-goh”, accent on the e (hence the accent mark). I’ve heard simply egregious pronunciations like “mer-chee-uh-LOG-oh” or “mercy-el-LAW-go”. People just glance over the accent mark and pretend it doesn’t exist.

  7. Sam Tana


    As for Porsche, it’s pronounced “Pork-ah”.

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