Did Michael Schumacher quit F1 too soon?

Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher is testing for Ferrari today as the new F1 season is just three weeks away.

It’s not the first time he’s come back from retirement to sample the latest Formula 1 car from Ferrari.

Is he missing the sport? Does he regret quitting in 2006? Would you like to see him make a comeback?

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18 responses to “Did Michael Schumacher quit F1 too soon?

  1. Without a doubt Michael Schmacher is the greatest driver of our time. I do believe that he retired a little too early because he still could and would compete with the best drivers that where on that Track in 2008.
    Lewis Hamilton should be thankful that Michael wasn’t out there in 2008, it might have been a very different result.
    Michael is what Tiger woods is to Golf or what Stephen Hendry is to Snooker.
    These athletes are cool ,meticulous and above all ruthless when it comes to taking care of buisness. Thats why they are the best at what they do.
    I do believe Lewis Hamilton is a great driver and that he has a fantastic start in his career in F1. But he has alot to prove this year and we will really see what he is made of this season.
    For me the most consistant driver over the past seasons is Kimi. He did not always have a great car but like Michael in the early days with Ferrari he gets reults .
    I do think that Kimi will be the one that will win a few more world titles in the seasons to come more so than Mr Hamilton. He is a very calm and meticulous fellow and he stays out of the limelight unlike our British drivers.
    I have to say something about the great Ayrton Senna. To me Ayrton was one of the greatest drivers of all time and it would have made great watching to see Schumacher and Senna battle it out. For me Ayrton was the best driver on a wet track and I don’t think anyone can argue that. I just think that his complete package was not as complete as Schumachers .
    I am not old enough to remember Juan Manual Fangio, but is there someone out there who can make a comment on him or even try to compare him to Schumacher and Senna.This man Fangio won five world championships and I have never heard him mentioned.

  2. eedecs

    MS retired because he’d done all he needed to do and he knew it. He had all the $$ he’ll ever need, he’d proven he was a better diver than anyone on the planet, he’d won it all, set records, blah, blah, blah. I think he guy had an epiphany one day that consisted of the following:

    Here he was, standing at the top of the Everest of the racing world and looking down and seeing one thing left for him to do–die in a race car. F1 drivers know better than anyone that it’s a ridiculous sport suited for young, insane men that think they are invincible. MS decided to use just a little more common sense than the average, aging driver and say enough is enough before I get killed.

    MS has a family, seems like a simple man that enjoys that part of his life immensely. F1 driving isn’t for family men that want to play with their kids–at least not those that want to race the way he did. I think he knew that and looked at himself and saw the future, with him still in it, with his family and decided that whatever else could be accomplished as an F1 driver, it wasn’t worth potentially abandoning his family for in a fiery crash out on the track.

    Germans are practical people that way…

  3. Marhelius

    Nobody is faster than Schumacher on Ferrari testing. It’s funny to even compare the other drivers with him. He started from zero, and he achived a lot. Even Martin Brundle admited when Michael was a rookie, that Michael would be faster than Senna if they drive for the same team. Schumi is the greatest of all. He wasn’t always fair, but he wanted to win no mater what. That was the mark of the great champion. He was complete. And yes, I think he retired early, but it is also a smart move. Never the less, he could still kick their asses. Regards

  4. jeff

    Lewis hamilton might become the next M/S

  5. John

    i think Schumacher was absolute rubish to the F1 racing

  6. Eduardo

    Even being brasilian, I don’t get Senna’s lack of sportsmanship, mainly noticed when he ran inside Prost in Suzuka 1990, that was his “apex” in terms of intrack misbehaviour (we could mention another examples, for instance Monaco 1987 when he snatched the pole, and stayed inside the track with a blown engine spraying oil all over the track) despite all of his glories, there in 1990 he showed his character, and I’m not defending any other driver, just saying sometimes people “erase” their memories and forget about the others

    Schumi was one of the best, maybe he was superior in some areas where the others were not, and vice versa

    Anyway the modern era F1 drivers are a fair amount behind in terms of pure talent and bravery compared to the pre 80’s drivers, noticeably the ones who raced in the 1936-1939 GP machines (imagine yourself running at 210 mph in a car fitted with those narrow, rudimentary tires, without any protection) and the others who raced from 1950 to late 70’s

  7. fifth decade , well your “facts” where did you get them from ?? press or books or heresay ? testing was done by all drivers in all his teams luca B the ferrari test driver and massa when he was testing do most of the car development and drive the cars way before any other driverweaving was out lawed by the FIA due to 2 crashes neither involving schumacher , he and barichello shared telementry in testing and at race weekends fact my good friend was rubens race engineer ,any how about his deck being stacked ?? driving a car with 100 less horse power than hill stuck in 5th gear for the whole race lapping 0.7 of a second slower in 5 th gear as my previous comment ,one last thing the only driver from 1994 to 2004 to win a championship in a car not designed by a mr a newey !!! mr m schumacher , oh and just to prove his driving 1990 merc sports car 4 laps out on the pace of the regular drivers and able to go further on a tank of fuel in long distance races than any of his team mates must have had a fuel tank up his shirt eh fifth decade, get your facts right , rather than read a bit of press mate , blind admirers no crictics blinded by fiction rather than fact, oh and senna clever gamesmanship driving into prost at 180 mph first bend in front of us all , what planet you on mate schumacher a driving god and a winner !!!!!!!!

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