Toyota iQ is a clever package

Toyota iQ

Toyota iQ

The genius of the original Mini was its use of space. The Toyota iQ’s designers clearly understood that.

Alec Issigonis placed the Mini’s engine sideways under its bonnet, and placed the battery in the boot so there was more room inside the car for passengers and luggage.

The Toyota iQ is the latest interpretation of this design ethos and becomes the world’s smallest four-seater.

Front passengers sit further forwards than the driver, so there is more legroom behind.

A new differential allows the engine bay to be smaller, so more of the car’s length is given over to the cabin.

The front seats are ultra-slim, giving passengers 40mm more legroom than conventional seats would allow.

And the fuel tank is almost flat, and fits beneath the cabin so as not to get in the way.

Powered by a 1-litre three-cylinder petrol engine it can return 65.7mpg and emits only 99g/km, making it exempt from road tax.

It might be small, but it’s not short on kit. An array of nine airbags protects passengers in a crash and equipment includes a CD player, MP3 player connection, electric windows, remote central locking, tinted glass, leather steering wheel and gear knob.

We’re driving the iQ this week, so keep checking the Auto Trader homepage for our full road test.

Do you like the design of the iQ? Could you see the world’s smallest four-seater on your driveway?

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7 responses to “Toyota iQ is a clever package

  1. edward mercer

    I bought and happily own an iQ2 and feel the recent reviews on this website to be untrue, inaccurate and false as if you take a different angle to view the car from it is remarkable and revolutionary and comes into its own on safety, economy, reliability and standard of finish. No other supermini can compete in all these areas which is why i think the iq2 is a fantastic buy and in the long term extremely great value for money. Furthermore, fog lights are standard on the iq2 model and this model is extremely well equipped and has far more safety kit than any Smart ForTwo, etc. Mats are an option but they are an option on every other new car so this comment is also not precise. The iQ does not appeal to Aygo drivers, Aygo’s are a totally different car whereas the iQ is aimed at buyers wanting a discerning, individual, premium purchase.

  2. Soulja

    What an ugly car is all I can say!!!

    And so much anticipation for this junk???

    • edward mercer

      the iQ is certainly not junk. Oviously you know nothing about it and have never seen the exemplory crash tests, economy costs and quality of the car.

  3. Ben

    For the person who drives a Toyota Aygo and thinks… hmmmm, this car is too big…….. All in all a rather pointless and expensive car, people may look at you, but rarely will it be in awe….

  4. toyota is a bit mean on there basic no fog lights no ash try no lighter no mats no alarm i just baught one and im sorry

    • Stewart Williams

      Following a change in my job last year, I no longer do huge miles in my car, so I’ve said goodbye to a C-Class Merc, having had an Audi A6 before that, and now have an iQ, and I think this car is truly fantastic and would urge anyone remotely interested to have a test drive in one. I’m six two tall and have no comfort problems in it whatsoever.
      Personally I think it’s about time that cigarette lighters aren’t standard, as I feel smoking in the car is a dangerous habit, as much as using a phone. Fog lights are very much misused by people too so I’m not convinced they are necessary. No mats? Never found a dealer who offers them free, but no standard alarm is admittedly not good.
      It’s early days for my iQ experience, but being a Toyota I don’t envisage many problems if any at all. Fab car for city driving and it’s good on motorways too if you have to do the odd trip like that, but I wouldn’t recommend being in the back for a long journey as it is a bumpy ride sitting on the rear axle.

    • edward mercer

      smoking is bad for you, Tim. iQ oweners are healthy, ethical people!

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