Bellissimo Beckham! What should he drive in Italy?


David Beckham is currently plying his trade with Italian giants AC Milan, and announced that his initial plan to stay on loan for three months may be extended…

This got us thinking in the office – what should Beckham drive in Italy?

The man is a bona-fide petrolhead, and has owned some serious metal in the past, including an armour-plated BMW X5 and a top-of-the-range Mercedes-Benz S500.

And David also enjoyed motoring in that footballer’s favourite: the big Bentley. But nobody bends the boundaries quite like Beckham – he customised his old Arnage, which is still for sale on Auto Trader, with special stitching featuring wife Victoria’s name, along with coke-can holders and ‘diamond-quilted leather’.

So now he’s in Milan, what Italian motor should the original British King of Bling drive?

A Lamborghini? Ferrari? Perhaps an old-school classic like the Lancia HF Integrale? What about the stylish Fiat 500?

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3 responses to “Bellissimo Beckham! What should he drive in Italy?

  1. fergal hughes

    he should have bought an audi R8 or ferrari f430 scuderia or porsche 911 gt3RS

  2. fergal hughes

    beckham should have bought a ferrari f430 scuderia

  3. Dom

    Becks should have bought a Lamborghini Reventon to turn up for training in – although it would probably be a little too dark for him.

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