Volvo C30: Rate it on the Auto Trader Cool-o-meter

Volvo C30

Volvo C30

The third car to undergo the scrutiny of the Auto Trader Cool-o-meter is the Volvo C30.

In a world of almost identical hatchbacks the C30 is a breath of fresh air. But does that make it cool?

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4 responses to “Volvo C30: Rate it on the Auto Trader Cool-o-meter

  1. After owning a nice van for a while which I loved and my wife hated she persuaded me that we needed a nice car so she could be driven in comfort to work (she does not drive)after months of nagging we went on holiday and after parking at the airport we played spot the car we would both like,after many no and boring comments we both in unison said WOW that’s nice….I am now the proud owner of a Volvo c30.

  2. The C30 is probably too small for a primary family car. The C30 has limited seating and storage space. The boot is on the small side as well.
    The C-30 would make a good commuter car or second car to a family….

  3. I like this car, i’m quite happy to see they carried on the small volvo estate tradition of the black detailing on the bootlid. It looked good on the old Volvo 480 and the V40 Estate, it’s a good looking car and a refreshing change from the usual one-box blandmobiles.

  4. Volvo C30, production was officially unveiled at the 2006 Paris Motor Show and it also offers with a wide variety of petrol and diesel engines….

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