Is your driving licence out of date?


Many drivers don’t know their driving licence has to be renewed every ten years.

Thousands of unaware motorists could face £1,000 fines if they fail to renew their photocard licenses when they expire.

Have you renewed your licence?

The first batch of photo licences were issued in July 1998 and thousands have expired since then – without licence holders realising.

By the end of January 173,867 licences had expired and so far 128,987 have been renewed – leaving 44,880 outstanding.

Those who fail to renew their licences are allowed to continue driving but the DVLA says they could be charged with a £1,000 fine for ‘failing to surrender their licence’.

Motorists can check the expiry date by looking at ‘item 4b’ on the front of their licence.

Over 25 million photocard licences have been issued and there are 300,000 photocard licences due to expire this year.

A DVLA Spokesperson said:

“The DVLA has written to each and every person when their photocard driving licence is due for renewal on how to go about renewing it and the penalty for not doing so.  Drivers are required by law to notify the DVLA if they change address.

“It is important that photocards are updated every ten years to ensure the Police and other enforcement agencies have the best possible tool to help them correctly identify whether a driving licence is being used fraudulently, and so help prevent driving licence impersonation stopping disqualified and perhaps dangerous drivers taking to our roads.”

Did you get your photocard licence before 1999?

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18 responses to “Is your driving licence out of date?

  1. Tony B

    The DVLA have not send me a reminder and mine runs out July 2012
    and it June 2012 now.

  2. clare

    i didnt even realise they expired until today when someone else noticed it!! ooops! just waiting for my forms to come now to change it.ahh well thats another £30 gone!

  3. john smithson

    how long does it take for paperwork comes through from dvla

  4. You say photo driving licences are only for ten years….but I have an older licence with no photo . does this run out of date? It was issued in 1986. I recently got a speeding fine and 3 points for doing 35 miles an hour. The police endorsed it with no other comment…..should I have got a photo one by now or is mine valid until I am 70?????

    • If you hold the old style paper licence you are encouraged by the DVLA to exchange it for a photocard licence but it is not compulsory. All new applications are photocard licences only. Also if you change your address and have an existing paper licence you are asked to complete a photcard application at the same time.

  5. ProvisionalDrivingLicence

    If your driving license is out of date. Renew it today.

  6. Mr X

    IT’S JUST GONE UP TO £27:50!!!!!!!!

  7. Hey great blog I will be forsure frequenting it again!

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