Steven Gerrard’s Range Rover for sale

Steven Gerrards Overfinch Range Rover

Steven Gerrard's Overfinch Range Rover

Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard is the toast of Merseyside after scoring twice last night as the Reds thumped Real Madrid 4-0 in the Champions League.

And if there are any die-hard Liverpool fans out there who worship the ground Gerrard walks on then they can their hands on a piece of the England star’s car collection.

Because Gerrard is selling his Overfinch Range Rover Vogue on Auto Trader for £52,900 – £30,000 less than what he paid for it last year.

And like many footballing superstars, Gerrard has given the Range Rover a personal touch with the number eight (his shirt number) displayed on the car’s armrests.

Under the bonnet is a 328bhp V8 diesel engine which is great wherever you take it be it the motorway or a bridleway.

Last year Auto Trader had Gerrard’s old Range Rover Sport HST for sale and it sold instantly to a Liverpool and England fan after we ran a story on it.

Would you buy Gerrard’s car?

Adrian Hearn

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6 responses to “Steven Gerrard’s Range Rover for sale

  1. Range Rover was always been a dream….. and this one is special after Steven Gerrard had this one……. but I think better I collect money for Porsche Panamera……awesome beauty car………………

  2. Great car but not after Gerrards had it

    PHD Autos

  3. It’s a cool car, but as said, Kahn is much better than Overfinch, that kit/wheels combo makes the car look even more ‘boxy’ than it already is.

    With regards to driving a car that a celeb has owned, my girlfriends boss bough Cristiano Ronaldo’s Bentley from him, which is kinda cool!

  4. Megan

    omg i would totally buy this car …. that is if we had the money
    just imagine driving around your estate to and from peoples houses and buildings in the car that steven gerrard owned and actually drove i would well be showing off
    who ever got it am ded jealouse of them coz gerrards well the best Love him loads

  5. Pete

    Kahn is much better than Overfinch!

    No wonder Gerrard is selling his!

  6. you need a kahn cosworth Stevie G

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