The 221mph Lamborghini Reventon: Real or fake?

Lamborghinis are awesome. Over-the-top bona fide supercars which leave the likes of Porsche and Ferrari in the sports car market thanks to their outlandish nature. 

A Lamborghini Reventon publicity shot

A Lamborghini Reventon publicity shot

Everything on a Lamborghini is overstated. Except, perhaps, the performance – if a new video showing a Reventon exceeding its 211mph top speed is to be believed.

The Youtube video shows a driver in Saudi Arabia hammering the Reventon, appearing to hit 356kph (221mph) but it’s provoked some major debate online as to whether it’s genuine or not. 

The Lambo appears to reach this top speed without much trouble and the speed between the lampposts doesn’t really change despite the car’s rapid acceleration. 

Watch the clip and tell us if you think it’s real or fake. 

Adrian Hearn 

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15 responses to “The 221mph Lamborghini Reventon: Real or fake?


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  2. kieran

    this is probably fake digital speedos are easily manipulated if you got the right gadgets and im pretty sure lamborghini wouldnt underestimate the speed of a brilliant car they would most likely do the opposite and i looks all wrong like no traffic!

    • Kay

      It’s poverty that makes you think like that, the question is why would someone with a reventon go around looking for a gadget to manipulate the speedo??? You need to get that poverty thinking out of your head.

  3. Ricky

    and the fact that he presses the right hand paddle (assuming that it is the up-change)

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