What did you think of last night’s Top Gear?

The 13th series of Top Gear came to an end last night with Jeremy Clarkson’s odd feature on the new Aston Martin V12 Vantage.

The show featured James and Jeremy trying to make adverts for the new Scirocco commercial – all be it in particularly bad taste.

Top Gear: the cars - News image

Jay Leno was the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car – a brilliant guest with hilarious anecdotes and one of the world’s greatest car collections.

But it was the end which got everybody talking. With the slow music from 28 Days Later playing in the background Clarkson talked about how the days of the supercars are numbered.

He said pretty much nothing about the Aston Martin and producers didn’t play the show’s theme tune at the end credits.

Many are wondering if Sunday’s episode was the last.

Personally, I thought the Aston feature was one of the series highlights. Yes, it was quite self-indulgent but it was beautifully shot against a stunning backdrop with a truly spectacular car. Many disagree.

Expert Guide editor Keith Collantine said: “I don’t think they hit the tone they were aiming for. I love Top Gear for their unabashed celebration of the pleasure of driving so I wanted to hear more about the car – what we got instead was rather sombre and dreary. But at least they’re not afraid to do something original.”

What do you think?

Adrian Hearn

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68 responses to “What did you think of last night’s Top Gear?

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  3. Darren

    There have been threats that they are going to axe Top Gear for the last 4 series and yet its still on TV, and there is a very good reason for that, its because every week over 150 million people tune in to watch it. And there is a very good reason for that, its because its the most entertaining show on television. They have been very clever with it, its no longer JUST another car show, my girl friend watches it with me all the time on BBC2, on Dave and on my computer and she has absolutely no interest in cars what so ever. I can’t think of another show on at the moment which generates more than 150 million viewers every single week world wide for just one hour out of 7 days. The BBC wouldn’t axe the thing if it was only (i say only) generating 50 million! They wouldn’t be that stupid, not quite anyway. And as for the last video, jeremy wasn’t saying Top Gear is coming to an end, and in fact, during the show he actually said to richard “you’ll have to wait until november to drive that car”, which means that they’ll either start filming then or the next series will be out then. The video (which was pure perfection and by far and away the best video top gear have ever done) was simply stating that the government are slowly but surely ruining things for so many people, not least of which people, like myself, who can think of nothing more beautiful and perfect than driving an Aston Martin with a V12 engine in it around some amazing mountain roads with no one else on them. But, for now at least, it doesn’t matter, Top Gear will continue to run because, like me, millions of people across the planet think that it’s brilliant. And as for me, though its no V12 Vantage, I will continue to go and drive my Mountune ST (which i love just as much) around amazing roads with no one else on them because i WILL NOT!!! let this poxy, useless, pathetic excuse for a government ruin something that so many of us love . . . Driving. Top Gear isn’t just a TV show any more, its become an institution. I know it sounds stupid but i honestly believe it is that important. This country doesn’t have too many things left that are its own, but Top Gear is one of them and that is why so many people love it so much.

  4. t mitchell

    i think the last top gear was the worst i have ever watched ,i dont even think fifth gear could be as bad as that . what a waste of the bbc’s budget .
    i am a big fan of the show ,but to waste time on the vw advert and to give the aston a test as jc did ,i think it was a disgrace .if it wasn’t for the hamster test at the start ,the whole show was a waste of the bbc’s money ,license paying public money ,the viewer’s time .

  5. Kev

    No chance of the BBC axing Top Gear. Madison Welch just got made the 4th presenter.

  6. Seven

    Where was this filmed – I want to drive that road!

  7. V8 Vette

    TG is one of the very biggest earners of international currency for the Beeb ( thats you and me taxpayers ). So for that alone they should be congratulated. If you view the programme as I believe you should, its a light hearted, irreverent, humorous, tounge in cheek look at the car culture we have today. Sundays episode: The irony of which seems to be lost on some folk, They spent most of the early part fouling up an advertising campaign, generally ******* off the suited and booted admen ( and us big time). The last sequence with the Aston, showed how an advert should be done !! Superb, wonderful images, profound sound track punctuated by that sublime exhaust note, no commentry needed. Like the very best picture or product a caption was superflious. Didn’t you want one at the end ?? I know I did …

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