This just in: Renault Clio Cup 200

Renault Clio Cup 200

Renault Clio Cup 200

When Adrian Hearn reviewed the Renault Clio Cup 200 in May he raved about the car’s superb handling.

But he only had chance to drive it on the track, which is why we were keen to get one in as soon as possible to try it on the road.

We’ll certainly have no trouble spotting our car in the car park sporting this distinctive bright green colour scheme.

If you’re on the market for a renault Clio Cup 200 and there’s anything you’d like to know about it, post a comment below or send us a Tweet.

Renault Clio Review

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5 responses to “This just in: Renault Clio Cup 200

  1. Ebo1

    Test drove the 200 on sat, just ordered it today with the cup chassis in White with black wheels!

    It is incredible fun and now ihave to wait 2 months! What am I going to do?????

  2. adam

    ordered mine a few weeks ago,not getting it until beggining of november.Ordered it in glacier white cos it looks gorgeous,and yes the white alloys looks horrible,there like touring car alloys!Probably will end up saving up and buying the recaro seats,I hear there real comfy.Not bothered about the lack of interior plushness at all,I have a standard clio at the moment and it suits me fine.Air con wastes petrol anyway, i hardly use it.stuff like electric mirrors,cruise control are all commodities we can really live without anyway. Ive heard nothing but good reviews for this little beauty and I cant wait for the delivery date so I can take it down a long windy country B road!!

  3. I think the front end is just awful completely ruins the car for me i like the clio before. Why are all the french cars going for this massive mouth look? like frenchy like car!

  4. I quite like it, it seems a good car a young, drug crazed teen who likes to drive fast…

  5. I’m not sure about the green or the white alloys but the rest of it looks like a nice tidy bit of hot hatch kit.

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