Essential sweets and games for long journeys


The August bank holiday weekend is expected to see the most amount of traffic on UK roads.

Thousands of drivers are heading to music festivals and going on holiday – but what do you do to keep the passengers entertained?

Here’s some advice from members of the Auto Trader editorial team:

Stuart Milne – deputy web editor

“For me a bunch of CDs is fine (remember them? Who needs an iPod!) or if the car has a DAB radio, then I listen to a bit of Planet Rock.

“Tinned sweets are best as they don’t get everything sticky, but if you have sweets in a wrapper you should take a rubbish bag.”

Adrian Higgins – web editor

“The last time I had four people in a car I stuck my iPod on shuffle and everyone had to guess the artist. I got to listen to my music and everyone kept amused.”

“Other games to amuse your passengers include not letting anyone stop for the toilet and seeing how far you can drive without talking.”

Andy Goodwin – senior web journalist

“I usually take a pack of Haribo Tangfastics with me and chewing gum is good when stuck in traffic.

“As a massive car geek the prospect of seeing an interesting car normally keeps me amused.”

Keith Collantine – expert guide editor

“I always take a few books and magazines. My girlfriend gets carsick when reading, so we also take audio books.

“As for sweets I’m a toffee addict so it’s a packet of Thornton’s for me. I’m also partial to Starburst and a flask of coffee is a good idea too.”

Dominic Sacco – senior web journalist

“As a passenger I make sure I’m armed with a packet of Haribo, a Nintendo DS and an MP3 player before setting off. You can’t go wrong with them.

“Just make sure you have some decent games on the DS (Castlevania or Final Fantasy) and take some spare batteries with you too.”

What are your favourite sweets and how do you pass the time?

Dominic Sacco

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4 responses to “Essential sweets and games for long journeys

  1. John D

    Superb advice, sweets and games are a must to keep the kids occupied in the back!
    My wife got some sweets from before we went away, she is now hooked!
    Great advice!

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    I for the first time here.
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  3. You can’t beat good old fashioned retro sweets like rhubard and custards… they last for ages! If I had haribo in the car they would be gone in a matter of minutes.

  4. emma

    why is it that the old cars have to havea mot when they are going to be scrapped anyway . i would have done this scheme but my old car blew up when it was being tested for a mot where does that leave me

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