No manual gearbox for Ferrari 458 – but will anyone miss it?

Ferrari 458 Italia interior

Ferrari 458 Italia interior

It’s two decades since Ferrari first introduced a paddle-shift semi-automatic gearbox on its F1 car – the 640 raced by Nigel Mansell in 1989.

Now Ferrari has phased out manual gearboxes entirely in the 458 Italia – its replacement for the F430. Has the onward march of technology needlessly sacrificed the joy of swapping cogs with your own hands and feet?

In a word, no.

The automated manual geabox in the Ferrari 458 Italia gives you the option of fully automatic gear changes or doing the work yourself by pulling the paddles behind the steering wheels.

Ultra-purists of a Jeremy Clarkson persuasion will lament losing the opportunity to shift the gears and work the clutch themselves. But the demand for manual gearboxes simply isn’t there. Ferrari say just 1% of F430s were ordered with manual transmission.

In sports cars at least, it seems the age of the manual gearbox is coming to a close and those who lament its passing are fewer and farther between.

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Keith Collantine, expert guide editor

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10 responses to “No manual gearbox for Ferrari 458 – but will anyone miss it?

  1. levan

    The sensetion of shifting is what makes driving so great …

  2. cfu

    save the manual Ferrari!!!!!

  3. levan

    i can not believe that there is only 1 percent of patrolheads left who can afford Ferrari and prefer manual gearbox!!! its a disaster! i can not cope with Ferraris eliminating manual gearbox!!! it is not right!

  4. Would love to find out

  5. I’d like one of those as my driving school car!

  6. I can’t miss what i’ve never had – sadly!

  7. No, we won’t miss it because Ferrari 458 would be my first car with automatic gearbox. I liked it…

  8. Yes wait till somthing goes wrong

  9. anon

    with such a high priced, niche product, you’d think the cost of offering a manual transmission to purists wouldn’t put you out of business :\

  10. Howdy nice job on the website really good

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