Aston tests its fastest ever car

Forget the worldwide recession, climate change and check this out.

Its the Aston Martin One-77 – the most expensive and outrageous car the company has ever built.

We’ll include James Bond’s DB5 in that statement too. And that car had an ejector seat and a rocket launcher.

Now Aston can add ‘fastest’ to the list of superlatives its heaping on its £1m hypercar after it clocked 220mph at a top-secret test track that may or may not be Nardo in Southern Italy.

But despite clocking this astonishing speed – its quicker than the Jaguar XJ220, a car which was briefly the world’s fastest production car – Aston reckons there’s more to come.

Now that’s all well and good – and I suspect will do no harm to help sell the 77 models Aston is making, including one to Jay Kay (possibly). But where will it all end. Its common belief the Bugatti Veyron represents our Concord moment so it could genuinely cripple a company trying to beat it.

Let’s hope Aston don’t try.

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