What are your favourite car films?

Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis as Thelma & Louise

Honda has asked the nation what its favourite ‘real world’ car films are – and they want you to star in the next one.

What are your favourite car films?

Honda’s top ten “ultimate road movies of all time”

1.     Thelma & Louise
2.     Easy Rider
3.     Little Miss Sunshine
4.     Road Trip
5.     Motorcycle Diaries
6.     Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas
7.     Planes, Trains & Automobiles
8.     Duel
9.     Sideways
10.    Rainman

Honda has come up with this list to promote a new film called Live Every Litre, which will include what it describes as “real people’s extraordinary journeys.”

The documentary will follow drivers across Europe behind the wheel of the new Honda CR-Z. And until March 15, drivers with the most online votes will be chosen to feature in a full-length film.

Becoming a film star while driving a new hybrid sports car? Sign us up. To take part, visit liveeverylitre.com.

What do you think of Honda’s ‘real world’ film? Do you think it will pose a threat to the top ten car films?

Dominic Sacco

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7 responses to “What are your favourite car films?

  1. Josey Ouna

    This one, lol

  2. Ya “Transformers” is the best film for cars & trucks. But we should not forget the famous move Herbie: Fully Loaded

  3. If you are discussing about car or truck films. Then definitely the “Transformers” will be in every-bodies mind.

    This film is all about cars & trucks.

  4. As if The Italian Job ain’t on. Now I’m going to be blowing the bloody doors off myself!!

  5. Roz

    It has got to be Transformers, or I-Robot :)

  6. HB

    What about Bullit !

  7. Its got to be the Blues Brothers

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