Rare Jaguar XJ220 abandoned in Qatar

Rare Jaguar XJ220 abandoned in Qatar

This is cruelty to automobiles. An ultra-rare Jaguar XJ220 – of which only 281 were ever produced, each capable of hitting more than 200mph – has been dumped by the side of a road in Qatar to decay.

Having made the journey from Coventry via Lebandon to a dealership in Dubai, it reached the end of its journey in Qatar. It was dumped, having done just 560 miles.

This big cat has suffered some serious neglect but, judging by these awesome pictures, it may just recover with a bit of TLC.

By Rhian Angharad Jones

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2 responses to “Rare Jaguar XJ220 abandoned in Qatar

  1. That’s very sad, and I really, really hope someone can take care of it. Would be lovely to get an update in a few months with a happy ending.

  2. David

    Is it for sale then?

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