Ford Focus – Through the years

The Ford Focus compact family car was at the height of success in 2007. Then in 2008, Ford completely redesigned the car. As it turns out, it was a good move! Are you shopping for a used Ford Focus? A 2008 or newer model might be your best bet to buy.











Through the Years

From 2008 onward, the exterior of the car has a more streamlined look with the slanted headlights that now adorn most used Ford models. The interior also underwent some major changes, mainly in quality. Higher quality materials make the cabins of models from 2008 to present much more comfortable and appealing.


While the interior is roomy and comfortable, you don’t necessarily get the feeling of plush luxury that some of Ford’s competitors are able to deliver. With each year newer, the interior seems to be a bit better. There are four basic styles: the Studio, Style, Zetec and Titanium.


The Focus performs well in crash safety tests. Driver and passenger side airbags are standard all more recent models, and side air bags. The Euro NCAP gives the focus four stars for protecting children, and five stars for overall occupant protection.


Your driving experience will depend in great part on which engine is in the Focus. There are several, including both petrol and diesel and ranging from 1.4 to 2.0 litres. One of the reasons the Focus has remained a top seller for so many years is that it is fun to drive, and the 2008 update didn’t change that fact. The car handles well and regardless of which engine you have, you will enjoy the drive.


Again, your fuel economy and the cost of owning a Focus will depend on which engine you have. Obviously, the 2.0 petrol version uses more fuel than the 1.6 TurboDiesel, which gets around 65 mpg.

Cost of ownership and reliability are two areas where the Focus shines. Parts are easily available. The fact that there are so many Fords on the roads helps. In the used market you will find that the Focus holds about 30% of its original value, making it quite appealing for those who prefer used over new.

If you are interested in a new Ford Focus Auto Trader have Ford Focus Expert reviews and owner ratings in the new cars section of the website.

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