Auto Trader announcement: 19th April 2011

Since midday on Monday 18th April, the website has been subject to a malicious third-party attack which has prevented normal operational services from being delivered. Anyone visiting the site during this attack would have found that was either intermittently unavailable or extremely slow.

The technical support team is working around the clock to restore services and minimise the impact of similar attacks in the future. Some visitors may still experience difficulty accessing the site today while we resolve the remaining problems.

However, it is important to note that we have no evidence to suggest that any customer data has been lost as a result of the attack and there are no known risks to consumers visiting the site during this time.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused, we’d like to reassure all our customers that we are working very hard to resolve this.


UPDATE (Wednesday 20/04/2011): Thank you for your comments and patience whilst we resolve this issue. There is no evidence that customer data has been compromised. It is important to note that this attack is not a ‘hack’.

Whilst we continue to focus on actually stopping the attack, we are unable to respond to your questions about ad extensions. But please rest assured that we will be in touch with all current advertisers via email once we have stabilised our website.

If you are a dealer with an Auto Trader contract, updates will be posted to Dealer Portal, where you also have access to Dealer Community.

As a result of our work so far there has been an improvement in availability as of this morning, although the attack is still ongoing.

Thanks again for your patience.


UPDATE (Wednesday 05/05/2011): All services were up and running on from Tuesday 19th April following the incident on Monday 18th. Initially it was necessary for us to implement a blanket ban on all non-UK traffic to ensure business as usual for the majority of our users. Over the course of the week we progressively brought online the more significant overseas locations that our site is used from (predominantly Europe and North America). We have continued to open the site up to more overseas traffic since then and we hope to have full global access restored to the site by the weekend.

We value our non UK based customers as well as our UK customer base and are working to restore service on a global basis as quickly as possible. However, international access may be blocked again if we receive further malicious activity from countries outside the UK

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117 responses to “Auto Trader announcement: 19th April 2011

  1. Ken

    I am in Singapore and cannot access the site on my PC, although my ipad can sometimes access it,it has been like this for some weeks now.

  2. Auto Trader is great website, thanks for your car dealers information !!

  3. Andy Dickens

    I am in Singapore and cannot access the site on my PC, although my ipad can sometimes access it

  4. David

    I’m still having the same problems, as far as i can see it hasn’t been resolved at any time, its now january 2012!!!

  5. r. o . okolo

    still cant access the site

  6. alan

    The site’s locking out on searches yet again :( soon be heading back to local papers

  7. We’re not aware of any problems with the site at the moment but we’ll forward your comments on to our tech team for them to investigate further and we’ll get back to you.

    Thanks for your patience!

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