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That’s one way to sell your car…

A well written ad with good quality photos really sell a car, so it’s important to be as descriptive as possible and get some good shots of your car looking its best. But when it comes to putting together an ad, some sellers can get more creative than others…how about creating a mini feature film – the car being the star of the show of course.! 

Well that’s exactly what one seller on Auto Trader has done. It’s not just any car, it’s a 1985 Porsche 911 and the seller says: “I am reluctant to sell my beautiful Porsche 911 Supersport Targa as I no longer have the time or energy to cope with the pressures of being in the public eye of admirers, gorgeous women constantly falling at my feet, always having to arrive in style to decadent fetish parties, long drives to classic motor shows and trying to find a parking space at Les Trois Garcons’. I’m now looking for the right candidate to hand down this hedonist roof down boxer engined lifestyle so that I may retire and have a long break in Nepal.”

It’s a tough life but someone’s got to do it. Check out the equally tongue-in-cheek video, promoting the Porsche’s wares, entitled, “Get a life. Buy my Porsche!” Brilliant!

Selling a car privately can be a daunting process, but it can be well worth the effort and there are plenty of tips on how to sell a car on the Auto Trader website.


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Crazy keys

Porsche Panamera keyWe’ve have small ones, big ones, long ones and short ones and even ones that work like a teddy boy’s flick knife.

But today we’ve had a Porsche Panamera delivered – and it’s not the big four-door that’s been getting the most attention; rather its weird key. Continue reading

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Spiders on the web

We’ve just pulled together a bunch of pictures of spiders (or spyders, if that’s your preference) that’ll blow your socks off.

There’s topless stunners from Maserati, Spyder, Alfa, Audi, Ferrari, Lamborghini – and probably a bunch more we can’t remember. Continue reading

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Porsche 911 – thrashed by the motorway

Right – decision time.
You’ve saved up all your bonuses, hedged a few funds and liquidated something or other, and decided what you really need to complement your life is a sports coupe.
But you want it to be the best sports coupe. Naturally, you’ll veer towards the Porsche 911.
And there’s a myriad of reasons why you should definitely buy one.
Number one – it’s really, really fast. We drove the 3.8-litre Carrera S with the PDK auto box, which did a 0-62mph time of 4.3 seconds and will hit somewhere near 190mph.
Number two – it sounds absolutely fantastic. The growl from the flat-six ‘boxer’ style engine is unmistakably Porsche, and you will never tire of ragging the nuts out of it.
Number three – it is arguably the finest handling sports coupe in the known universe. Rivals constantly benchmark it as ‘the one to beat’, but it remains king of the crop.
But there is one caveat – you have to drive the damn thing. Not like a hooligan on the road, but on a nice, quiet stretch of B-road, or on a track where you can explore its infinite balance, traction and playability.
Because I drove it to work one day and nearly cried. Here I was, sitting in a £70,000 Porker with people pointing and staring at the junior supercar, crawling along at 10mph in traffic. For two hours.
It was utterly painful.

So do buy a Porsche if you intend on actually driving one, and

not just posing in one. Don’t buy a Porsche if you want a flash run-around.


Porsche 911 Carrera S

Right – decision time.

You’ve saved up all your bonuses, hedged a few funds and liquidated something or other, and decided what you really need to complement your life is a sports coupe.

But you want it to be the best sports coupe. Naturally, you’ll veer towards the Porsche 911.

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McLaren MP4-12C – have your say


If you made something as gorgeous, desirable and mind-blowing as the McLaren F1, you’d not exactly be in a rush to replace it.

That’s why it has taken the Woking-based supercar geniuses 16 years to officially reveal their next offering.

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Are you going to buy a new or used car in February?


A mixture of hot coupes and affordable city cars are heading our way in February – including the frugal Smart Fortwo CDi and the face-lifted Porsche Boxster S.

There are plenty of great deals on new and used cars, making now the best time to buy.

Are you going to buy a new or used car this month?

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Bellissimo Beckham! What should he drive in Italy?


David Beckham is currently plying his trade with Italian giants AC Milan, and announced that his initial plan to stay on loan for three months may be extended…

This got us thinking in the office – what should Beckham drive in Italy?

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Z4, S2000, Boxster… vote for the best roadster



BMW has announced an updated Z4 convertible, which will reach our shores in 2009.

It faces some tough competition, including the high-revving Honda S2000 and the fearsome Porsche Boxster.

Which do you think is the best roadster?
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Which of the Sultan’s 3,000 cars would YOU blag?


Forget his 1,788 room mansion. Forget the private aeroplane with gold-plated furniture. Forget his Oxford Law degree – this man has more than 3,000 cars. THREE THOUSAND.

If driven all at the same time, his planet-eating collection would melt the polar icecaps and suck the ozone layer by Christmas. Probably.

You have think, surely he wouldn’t miss one of them?

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Lexus tease us with the LF-A supercar

The Lexus LF-A supercar looks fantastic, packs a sledgehammer-like 5-litre V10 engine behind the front wheels and can spit road out of the back at the rate of more than 200mph.

But please Lexus, let us drive it.

Lexus LF-A

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