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Are you buying a car in January?

The new Alfa Romeo Mito is out this month

The new Alfa Romeo Mito is out this month

January will see a bundle of hot new superminis unleashed onto UK roads – including the Alfa Romeo Mito, Ford Ka and Fiat 500 Abarth.

With plenty of car deals, low petrol prices and postponed tax increases, 2009 is a great time to buy.

Are you going to buy a new or used car this month?

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What’s the best hot hatch? (Poll)

Volkswagen Golf GTi

Volkswagen Golf GTi

It’s the one question everyone in the office has a different answer to: what’s the best hot hatch?

Read which cars the editorial team picked as their favourite hot hatches – and nominate your hot hatch of choice in the comments. Continue reading


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First taste of new Renault Megane


This is road tester Andy Goodwin reporting from an autumnal Madrid, where I’ve just driven the brand new Renault Megane for the first time.

Gone is the large rump, made famous by Renault’s ‘shaking that ass’ adverts, in favour of a more subtle boot.

The rest of the car has been redesigned too, and the front now shares the same ‘look’ as the bigger Renault Laguna.

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Driving test passed!

Dom passed!

After six months of missing gears, hitting kerbs and stalling – I finally passed my driving test.

But at one point I was certain I’d failed. I left the Clio in third gear approaching a junction and thought it was in first – I put my foot on the gas, the car spluttered forward, and stalled. In the middle of the road.

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Learning to drive: how did your test go?

The Clio and me

Earlier this week, the Auto Trader editorial team revealed our very own driving test nightmares. Junior copy writer Dominic Sacco, currently learning to drive, divulged his confessions of a learner driver.

Which car did you learn to drive in? Was your first test a misery or a victory?

Leave your comments below.


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Ford Focus ST: Hot or not?

Ford Focus ST

Few arguments in the Auto Trader offices get as heated as the question over which is the top hot hatch.

Stuart is a big fan of the Ford Focus ST, but I’m not convinced. I always thought that the second generation Focus sapped all the style from the original, and the pumped-up ST looks like mutton dressed as lamb compared to the edgy Focus RS (our Used Car of the Year Award winner).

I’ve only had half an hour at a test day in it and I admit it’s a joy to drive when you grab it by the scruff of the neck – but unless you buy it in ‘look at me’ bright orange it has no personality.

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Ashes to Ashes – best cars of the ’80s


Filming for the hotly anticipated series of Ashes to Ashes – follow up to the multi-award winning Life on Mars – has begun, with the first episode scheduled to air in early 2008.

As with Life on Mars, the cars driving the stars will be as much a part of the show as the actors themselves – and this week we got a sneak preview of a 1980s Audi Quattro from the show.

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MPH mayhem, American muscle and a hot new Mini: the week in brief


In celebrity news this week, Auto Trader readers voted for their favourite Jeremy Clarkson quote, while we brought you a full report on the car-carnage festival of MPH ’07.

And Auto Trader caught up with Strictly Come Dancing star and haggler extraordinaire, Dominic Littlewood.

Celebrity Big Brother star and Ordinary Boys frontman Samuel Preston is selling his old Jaguar on Auto Trader, alongside Manchester United star Paul Scholes’ old Mercedes, which has popped up on the site.

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Veyron power – in a Bentley

Bentley boss and president of Bugatti, Franz-Josef Paefgen is our kind of guy.

Why? He is the driving force behind the slightly unhinged idea of fitting the monstrous Bugatti Veyron engine into the new Bentley Arnage saloon.

Bentley Arnage

Bentley Arnage

Bugatti Veyron

Bugatti Veyron

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