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Scrappage scheme ends, deals continue

The Government’s scrappage scheme came to an end today, but many manufacturers have already announced new deals to plug the gap.

Nissan, for example, is offering £2,000 off any of its British-built cars when you trade-in any car over seven years old. It has even built a unique cut-and-shut limo of various scrappage cars to promote the scheme.
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Scrappage scheme extended

Another 100,000 cars are heading for the scrapyard

Another 100,000 cars are heading for the scrapyard

We’d only just finished figuring out how long the scrappage scheme would last and then it turns out it’s being extended.

The government has done what many in the automotive industry hoped it would and confirmed another 100,000 cars will be sold on the scrappage scheme. Is this a good move? Continue reading


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When will the scrappage scheme end?

More drivers are scrapping their old cars to get new ones

More drivers are scrapping their old cars to get new ones

The government’s scrappage scheme has proved popular with the public and over 220,000 cars have been sold on it so far.

But with the end of the programme in sight – only 300,000 cars will be sold on the scheme – dealers and manufacturers are beginning to worry that a late rush for scrappage cars could bring it to an early conclusion.

Those fears were reinforced by the publication of the latest weekly scrappage orders which were the highest yet, at over 12,000. So when is the scheme going to run out? Continue reading

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Have you scrapped an old car for a new one?


The scrappage scheme is expected to end on November 23

Over 200,000 cars have been sold under the scrappage scheme since it began.

This has left buyers until November 23 to trade in their old car in exchange for a £2,000 discount on a new one.

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Budget 2009: What’s in store for drivers?


Higher car tax, extra fuel duty and a £2,000 new car ‘scrappage’ scheme are expected to feature in the 2009 Budget when it’s announced on April 22 at 12.30pm.

What are you expecting in this year’s Budget? And what would you like to see?

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