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London buses to go hybrid

Boris Johnson has unveiled designs for the first hybrid London bus.

No specific details have been released yet, but Transport for London claims the new bus will be 15 per cent more efficient than existing hybrid buses, and 40 per cent cleaner than our conventional double-deckers. Continue reading


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See you at the crossroads


A new “X-crossing” has just opened in Oxford Circus, London.

Road traffic stops in all directions to allow pedestrians to cross in eight directions – straight ahead and diagonally.

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Banking big whizz commutes in a G-Wiz

While the world is still shaking from the earthquake at the epicentre of the financial market, it’s good to see some bankers aren’t climbing trees in their £100,000 Porsche 911s.

One of the UK’s largest banks – Lloyds TSB – has recently taken over HBOS.

And what does Sir Victor Blank, Lloyds Chairman, prefer to roll around in? Not a Rolls Royce Phantom like Sir Alan Sugar, or a top of the range Mercedes or BMW.

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