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Peugeot iOn: an electric future?

Peugeot Ion

The Peugeot iOn is the latest electric car we’ve tested, and it continues to raise questions about the future of this technology.

What is clear from a road tester’s point of view is that they are undoubtedly good to drive. The iOn’s complete lack of gear changes (it only has one forward gear) and engine noise makes often fraught trips through city centres feel surprisingly relaxing.

They all accelerate briskly too, especially the MINI E which has a very potent motor and feels as quick as the turbocharged MINI Hatch Cooper S. This is because all their available pulling power is available instantly, unlike a combustion engine, which needs to be revved.

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£5,000 electric car subsidy gets green light

Transport Secretary Philip Hammond has announced the electric car subsidy – which offers buyers up to £5,000 towards the cost of an electric car – will go ahead next year.

There were concerns the grant promised by Labour would be scrapped when Business Secretary Vince Cable warned the new Government would rein in financial support for the British motor industry. Continue reading


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Vince Cable: No more bailouts for the car industry

Business Secretary Vince Cable has warned the new Government will rein in financial support for the British motor industry.

Speaking at a conference in London arranged by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), he said, “Our starting point is very clear. We’ve moved on from the era of subsidies. We just have to be realistic about what’s affordable.” Continue reading


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Noise is the spark to make electric cars safer

Cars passing silently might be the sci-fi fantasy, but in reality it makes them a genuine hazard for pedestrians and cyclists.

According to The Times, the European Commission is considering how much of a danger these silent vehicles are and hopes to have a clear idea by 2012. Continue reading


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Electric cars: bad for the environment?

Are electric cars good or bad for the environment?

Are electric cars good or bad for the environment?

Electric cars could result in higher overall CO2 emissions and oil consumption, according to a new report.

Do you think electric vehicles are the answer to reducing harmful emissions on our roads, or are they a bad idea?

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