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22% of drivers don’t wear seatbelts

As many as 22 per cent of drivers don’t wear seatbelts at all times, according to a poll by insurance company Esure.

The survey also shows 22 per cent of people don’t fasten their seatbelt when travelling as passengers, 17 per cent don’t wear one on short trips and 10 per cent have to be prompted to wear them by the driver. Five per cent of drivers admitted to have travelled entire journeys without buckling up. Continue reading

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What the election means for motorists

The televised debate

Election fever is at an all-time high and with more than 34 million motorists in the UK; we look at what the top three political parties will do for drivers.

The Treasury gets a massive amount of revenue from motorists – the 65 per cent tax charged per litre of fuel raises around £25 billion each year alone. But the price of car ownership is escalating at a crippling pace. Continue reading

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Uninsured drivers face £1,000 fine

Registered keepers of uninsured cars could be fined £1,000

Registered keepers of uninsured cars could be fined £1,000

Owners of uninsured cars could be charged up to £1,000 under new government proposals released today.

The new fine will affect all registered keepers of uninsured vehicles, not the current law which only punishes those caught driving one. What do you think of the change?

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Car jargon busted


We’ve just produced the Auto Trader A-Z of motoring: a list of car terms, common phrases and motoring acronyms.

Is there any confusing car jargon we’ve missed? Let us know what we should add to our dictionary of car terms.

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Clamping laws tighten up: good news for car owners?


Cowboy wheel clampers with “sky-high” charges face a crackdown under new proposals announced by the Government.

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith plans to set up an appeals process for motorists who feel they’ve been unfairly treated, and to ensure all clamping firms are regulated.

Could this mean the end of fines up to £545?

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Cyclists to ride wrong way down one-way streets

The Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea is to let cyclists ride in the opposite direction to cars down one-way streets.

The borough is allowing cyclists to ride the wrong way through six one-way streets to see if their journey times can be cut without an increase in collisions.

If there is no significant increase in collisions, the move will be extended to more streets across the borough, and other local councils are expected to follow suit. What do you think of the move?

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