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Audi’s incredible new engine

Audi RS3

Sometimes great things happen when old designs inspire thoroughly modern engineering. Such is the case with Audi’s 2.5-litre five-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine.

It gives a nod to Audi’s rally heritage and the engines fitted to its championship-winning cars of the 1980s – the Quattro is nothing less than a legend.

In those days the engine was smaller, yet it didn’t lack punch. In the most potent road car the old 2.2-litre engine produced 306bhp, while the most highly-tuned fire-spitting rally car had an incredible 720bhp and reached 60mph in less than three seconds.

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‘Fire up the Quattro’ as prices double

Audi Quattro

Audi Quattro

The popularity of the BBC’s Ashes to Ashes is said to have doubled the price of used Audi Quattros.

The iconic motor was produced between 1980 and 1991. It is now the chosen mode of transport for the shows lead character DCI Gene Hunt, and it seems scenes of the maverick cop speeding around London have caught the nation’s attention. Continue reading


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