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Infographic: White Van Man FACTS!

The white van is often perceived as a real menace of the motorway, and the people who drive them can sometimes be mistaken as your typical rogue trader. The Ford Motor company sells 60,000 Ford Transit vansa year and 84% of them are finished in white. We asked our friends at Van Trader to surprise us with some interesting facts on the ‘white van’…





The term ‘White Van Man’ was inadvertently invented by a disgruntled Radio 2 presenter over ten years ago after she had been cut up on her morning commute by a bad driver – who just happened to be driving a white van.

According to the AA, van drivers are safer, causing fewer accidents, than regular motorists. Apparently 68% of van drivers have made no insurance claims. And if you want another fascinating fact, according to the emergency services, ambulance and fire engine drivers have a very high regard for van drivers who are often the first to see and hear them coming and move over. That’s because a van driver uses his rear vision mirrors!

A few years back, the Ford Motor Company commissioned a study which revealed that 71% of van drivers regard themselves as ‘careful and considerate’ road users while the vast majority (74%) do not identify themselves with the term ‘white van man’. In fact, 37% found the term insulting! And since there are around 2.5 million white vans in the UK, that’s a lot of folk who could be provoked all too easily.

So now you know.

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